Earl Park and Crescent

Made it up for a couple days with Brian B.  Got a late start Wednesday and didn’t get on EP until around 3 pm.  Heard that the top water bite had been good but we didn’t do anything with top water.  Threw some simis and picked up a few rainbows but pretty slow for us and several others who had fished it all day.  Water temps were 50 but there was a bad algae bloom which may have hindered us a bit, who knows?  Went back the following am and had the same results so we packed it up and headed to Crescent for the rest of the day.  We pounded the spawning brookies and landed lots of 13-15″ rainbows as well.  The lake has plenty of water and the fish are in great shape but AZG&F failed to cut the weeds this year again so again we will have to depend on how our winter goes to see what we’ll have left for holdovers. 

I urge everyone to sign the petitions to help Crescent.  If those fish could make it through and grow another year this time next year we’d be catching brookies pushing 16-17″s  or possibly BIGGER.  It’s a no-brainer for me.  Keep the fish alive, let them grow and everyone catches big fish.  AZG&F sells more licenses again, the store opens up and sells tackle and rents boats.  Everyone wins.