Henry’s Lake, ’08

Another great Henry’s Lake trip is in the books.  We had 9 guys this trip.  Some caught the biggest cutt, hybrid rainbow and brookie of thier lives.  Weather was a bit challenging but that didn’t seem to bother the fish much.

Four of us started the trip off at Panguitch for a couple days of “breaking in”.  The fishing was a bit off but we all managed to catch some nice 2-3 lb rainbows that fight as hard as any I have caught.  I set up a trip for June of next year with a cabin site that should be prime time for the callibaetis hatch.  Along with the damsels, scuds and leeches it should be an excellent trip for some rainbows and Bear Lake cutt’s up to 5 lbs.  The timing should also coincide with the smallie spawn at Piute Reservoir just 45 minutes away.  Should be an awesome time.  Daryl and I landed smallies up to 3 1/2 lbs there last year.

Henry’s produced more fish than usual but the double digits eluded this year.  Biggest fish was Daryl’s 8 1/4 lb hybrid.  Simi’s again were the main producer but several good fish up to 7 lbs were landed by Brian and Brandon using nymphs below an indicator.  Always something new…  great to learn.

Quite a few 6 and 7 lbr’s caught and 3 lb brookies.  Biggest brook went 4 1/2lbs.  Pic wasn’t good so you’ll just have to trust me on that one.

Can’t wait ’til next year.  The state takes really good care of this lake and like Panguitch it will have a future.  If we could just get Arizona to commit to taking better care of some of our lakes we could all be experiencing similar fishing here.  Several of our lakes, although not as large, are every bit as rich as Henry’s and could easily grow 5 lb fish consistently if we could keep them alive to grow.