I was fishing Pacheta yesterday with a couple buddies and was made aware by an old shop customer fishing the bank that I need to get more reports up.  I apologize….between lots of materials being made and my general apprehension getting on computers…it has been badly neglected.

I have been fishing almost exclusively Becker, Show Low, Big, Earl Park and Pacheta yesterday.  These lakes have held up the best for me.  I have had reports on other lakes and they didn’t sound all that great and you only have so much time.  The one exception is Carnero.  Although it suffered a kill last Winter, the Spring stockers  (along with a few holdovers) have provided very steady fishing all Summer.  They’re getting them on dries, under a bobber, stripping, anything in the water seems to get ’em.

Becker fish held up really well this Summer….very few floaters.  The bite was much like other seasons…midges in the deeper holes were the ticket.  Had a great ant hatch early on and several smaller ones later in the season.  Fish are very strong and fight hard.  They’re not getting as big as we would like and I am trying to see if some Gammarus scuds can be introduced to possibly give the fish a stronger food base.  Big scuds grow big fish!

Show Low wasn’t as productive as last season but still put out some giant smallies again this year.  It’s a funny lake…you never know how it will fish from one day to the next.  Jiggly’s were the ticket all season.

Earl Park has some good fish, especially the rainbows.  There are a lot of small rainbows, browns and brookies that have been stocked and will be a real plus in a couple seasons.  I have been fishing Jiggly’s (naked nymphing…I like to call it deep water nymphing) right on the bottom to get the bigger fish.  Indicator fishing seems to produce a lot of smaller fish.

Pacheta yesterday was great.  We caught them on  Jiggly’s under a bobber and stripping along with stripping regular simi’s too.  Nice chunky rainbows 15-18″s.  Not any water coming into the lake so we went deeper to find the fish.  Lake is in great shape, a little low but I’ve seen it much worse.  It should Winter well.

Off to Big and Becker next week and I’ll post reports.  The best fishing of the season is coming up.  It’s been a late Fall, not cold enough yet.  Temp’s at the lakes are 55-56.  When it gets down in the 40’s things should start popping.

I am off to Mag Bay the end of the month for a week of marlin and mangrove fishing.  Come on up.  The leaves are turning.  We saw at least 100 elk yesterday… a couple of bulls with their ladies.  Great time of year.  Enjoy!

BTW….we finally got the NEPA passed on Luna.  That was out biggest hurdle.  Luna should have aerators next season.  Let’s hope they make a difference.