We Want to Catch a 20” Trout

During the late 90’s into the 2000’s the White Mountains have been experiencing severe drought conditions.  These conditions have severely impacted the water conditions on many of our state’s trout lakes.  One of the most severely affected is Crescent Lake.  This lake once was one of the most prolific trout growers under the jurisdiction of AZG&F.   The lake was a mainstay for all fishers to go and catch quality trout.  The lake had a store that supplied eager fishermen with all the gear they needed to fill their stringers with hefty trout whether it be with salmon eggs , cowbells or flies.  The store had it all including rental boats for those that didn’t have their own means to get on the water.

The store has not been in operation since the late ‘90’s.  Due to the lack of water in the lake it suffers fishkills often several times a year.  The weeds have choked the lake to a point that there is just a channel to fish in the middle that is about 1/3 the width of the lake.  The water has been so low that the weed cutter is not even launched in the Fall to help eradicate the weeds.  The lake is virtually vacant most of the fishing season.  This is a total waste of a possible great fishery….all due to the fact that there is not ample water for the fish to grow in.

We the undersigned are committing our time, labor and money to help improve the water quality in Crescent.  Possible solutions are:

  1. Drill wells to insure constant water flow into the lake summer and winter.
  2. Install aerators that will pump needed oxygen back into the water.
  3. Extend the boat ramps so the weed cutter can be used to trim the weeds.

John Rohmer

Please join us in the fight to get more quality fisheries in the State of Arizona and on the WMAT.  We have a copy of the petition in the shop, please stop by to sign your name.  The more names we get the better our chances to start seeing some changes in management.  You can also email us admin@azflyfishing.com and we can add your name to the list, all we need is a name, address and phone number.  Thanks for your participation.