Erie tribs 11/9-12/10

We had a bigger crew this year heading to PA to fish the Erie tributaries.  Five of us left here and met five more in PA.  Tim Oliver, Brian Boyer, Ron Gonzalez, Daryl White and myself were greeted with lower water conditions than we had last year and last year was the lowest the resident fishermen had seen in years.  That means the fish of a thousand casts becomes the fish of two thousand casts.  It may not have been quite that bad but we worked hard to find fish that would play.  Most were in shallow, clear pools and very spooky.  There had not been a fresh run for awhile so these fish had been fished over a lot.  We earned them this year.   We fished small flies again, p.t.’s and eggs mostly in size 14, sometimes without an indicator.  If you got lucky you could find a small pod holed up in a little area that had some moving water and work them until you finally put the fly in thier mouth and “fish on”.  Problem was there were very few of those small pockets that didn’t have anglers working them over.

We met some old friends of Tim’s who are from there and fish it every year.  Here’s a pic of Pete….. your “typical” PA steelheader.

We fished Elk Creek for three days and hit the Cattaraugus in New York the last day, bigger water that was supposedly fishing well.  Seven of us fished and zero landed.  Steelhead, you gotta love ’em.

Here’s some fish porn.

The fish were bigger this year and there were more browns mixed in with the steelies.    Evidently PA is planting more brown trout in Erie so we will have some big brown trout to fish to in the coming years.  We saw one swimming with the steelhead that was as every bit as big as the steelies….had to go 10+.  Big fish this year was 12.5 and several 10’s and an 11 were landed.

More pics….

As you can see it’s not big water so all the fishing is visual.  You are sight fishing to every fish you catch…..very exciting.  Can’t wait ’til next year.  Maybe we’ll actually hit it when there’s more water and the fish are a bit more grabby.  Good time with good guys.