Rez, EP, Hawley

I figured it may be a little too soon but I was tired of making materials in my garage and had to get away.   I went up with Tim Oliver, fished Friday and Saturday.  We hit Reservation Friday am about 9.  Nice day, lots of people.  We fished the banks and caught small fish.  I saw one good cruiser, Tim saw about 6…but no players.  Water was still way too warm.  We hit Earl Park Saturday, driving by Hawley which had 2 ft whitecaps.  With the wind blowing the way it was early, we figured we were in for a tough day.  Proved to be true.  Again we caught small fish and again a fair amount of people on the lake.   All seemed to have similar results.  Pretty much the way I though the trip might be but worth the drive just to get away and see the beautiful countryside up there right now.   The big fish will be there eventually….right now I have to settle for landscape pics.

Have a good Halloween…off to the Erie tribs for steelhead in a little over a week.