Earl Park and Becker Lakes

This is a report from Tim Oliver from the weekend prior to Labor Day.  Sorry, no pics.

 I spent September 2nd and 3rd fishing in the White Mountains before the busy Labor Day arrived.  On Thursday (2nd), fished Earl Park Reservoir from 11 am to 5 pm.  Mostly sunny weather and the water temperature ranged from 69 to 72 degrees.  Had a busy day fishing red and black Zebra midges and red and orange San Juan worms under a strike indicator.  Found fish in 12′ to 16′ water.  Landed over 30 fish in about 6 hours.  Most of the fish were 12″ to 15″ with a couple over 18″s.  Caught browns, Rainbows, Apaches and Brookies.  These fish were in great shape and fought really hard.  They were so hot I was straightening out standard nymph hooks right and left.

 On Friday (3rd), headed to Becker Lake in Springerville.  Using the same setup, in 15′ to 16′ of water had three good hours of fishing before the wind picked up and drove me off the lake.  Water temperature was over 70 degrees, but the fish were active.  Landed 10 or 12 fish, the biggest a 20″ rainbow.  The fish in Becker are not in as good of shape as the fish in Earl Park, but things should improve as the water cools.  Will try and take pic’s next time.

Tim recommended giving the website to the indicators he was using.  Go to www.waterswest.com.

Keep fishing

Tim Oliver