CC and Becker


I went up to the White’s Thursday by way of Canyon Creek last week.  Hit the water late around 11 and found people already in the spot I usually start so I moved up and hit water upstream.  Creek is running full and looks awesome.  Lots of fish.  It was pretty much midday so there wasn’t much surface activity.  I wanted to fish my hoppers and ants.  I had made up some variations and I wanted to see how they fished.  The browns liked pretty much everything but seemed to prefer the small hopper the most.  I landed maybe 7-8 browns with the biggest being about 15″s.  I decided to just sit down and watch the stream for awhile in certain areas and found several pools that held big browns.  I had a 20″r eat my hopper but missed him and fished over a fish for the next three hours that probably went close to 24″s.  I never got her to eat but she definitely deserves another visit.

I headed up to Brian Boyer’s place that evening.  His dad, Luke was in town and we planned to spend the next few days trying to find some players in the White’s.  We fished Becker the following morning and I caught fish on damsels and leeches and Brian and Luke caught them on c’mids.  I had not fished Becker in about 15 years and was really surprised to see the big ant hatch on the water.  Problem was the fish weren’t reacting to it much.   That evening we met up with Jack Faulkinbury and hit Show Low lake and caught small rainbows, green sunfish and small smallies. 

Next morning was back to Becker.  Daryl had come up and joined us as well.  No ants that day but we waylayed them on leeches and damsels.  Brian and his dad did the same on c’mids.   We must have landed 20 each that day. 

Biggest fish was 18 with most in the 14-15″ class. The monsoon chased us off as it had the previous day.  It has arrived and the country looks great up there.

Sunday found us back at Becker but this time the ants were back and the fish were eating them.  What a blast!  Luke didn’t make it but all three of us landed fish over 20″s with one going over 3 lbs. 

This one liked the Lady Carpenter foam ant.  If it holds up through the summer this lake should be in prime shape for the new  “C&R” reg’s going into effect January ’11.  Water temp’s were already hitting 70.  Hopefully it will be a good Monsoon and help keep the water in good shape .  I can’t wait to see how big these Triploids will get.