Panguitch 8/6-10

Dog Days are upon us and I hadn’t heard many great reports from the White’s lately so decided to head up and check out the new fishing shack.  Dragged Daryl along for some always entertaining talk and headed up.  Mainly wanted to see just how long a drive it would be and how much the gas costs would be.  Ended up I can get there faster than I can get to the SJ and with a couple guys splitting gas and no motel fees it is an easy trip.  The shack is not really mine yet but the outfit was gracious enough to let us stay there before actually closing on it….sweet! 

Dog Days are Dog Days everywhere but at least at this lake you can have a day where you catch a couple dozen fish up to 22″ and pushing 5 lbs.  It definitely was not the lights out trip we had a month ago but after figuring out what the fish wanted we had our way with them pretty good.  The area we hammered them in last time still held the most fish in any area we found but we just could not get them to play consistently.  The lake had a pretty good bloom going on and this had to affect them.  The area we fished had a stream entering with pretty good flow and plenty of callibaetis hatching in the evenings.  The bigger fish would slurp up the spinners early am and then hit them again at the hatch in the evening.  If the wind was down we sight casted to them but mostly we fished subsurface with callibaetis emergers, scuds and simi’s. 

Didn’t take many pics this time but got one of Daryl with a not so fat 22″r.  The lake is going to be awesome this Fall with fish up and over 5 lbs cruising the shoreline.