Back 2 Skool

The bell rings a little after 8 this morning to announce the beginning of our son’s second grade education. Summers always went fast as a kid, but they are even shorter these days. Combine this with an otherwise busy schedule and it results in not a lot of fishing over the recess. So when he and the wife stopped by the shop on Saturday, I asked him if he wanted to go fishing on Sunday as a last fling.

When I got home from work, he had his stuff already packed and a rod next to the door. I guess the apple did not fall far from the tree.

One nice thing about living in Phoenix, Arizona is that in 90 minutes you can be fishing in the pines.

Tonto Creek

We fished Tonto and Christopher Creeks until afternoon storms chased us out.

Watching the Drift

Often I fish the standard dry dropper set up for plunge pools and riffles; streamers for the deeper holes. Not a single fish took the dropper yesterday which is unusual. With the dropper rig, all were caught on top with the size 12 Wulff indicator. Simi seal leeches in crawdad also produced on the swing or with a hand-twist retrieve.

Brown Trout in Net

Study hard kid. There is no reason we can’t break for quick trips like this now that school is in session.