Henry’s Lake, Idaho Trip #2

Another great season on Henry’s Lake for AZFF.  This one had a bit of a twist with the weather being THE major player in the beginning.  After Kevin’s group left continuous fronts rolled though and really screwed up the fishing for awhile.  The next to last one was a really cold blast from up north that dropped temp’s to 3 degrees.  The wind constantly blew for 3-4 days and the temp’s never got above freezing for 5 straight days so if you had ice on your ‘toon the first day it just kept builidng up.  We had to crack ice off every day.

After the 1st day

After the 2nd day

DW and I went up a little early and launched one day with the temp at 3 degrees and the wind blowing.  The lake started to freeze on the edges and just kept freezing as the weather never got warmer.

After the rest of the group arrived we woke up one morning to a lake 1/2 frozen and getting worse.  Finally the weather broke and continued to get better.  Here are some pics of the fish caught.

Shawn West from Boise took big fish honors coming through with a nice 10 lb cuttbow the last day.  Brandon McDermott had a 9 1/2 and DW landed an 8.  Several 7’s were caught and numerous fish 6 to 6 1/2 lbs were landed.  Simi’s, mainly magnums with beads representing eggs, and Tiger Minnows accounted for 95% of the fish caught.  This is a shot of a couple of Travis’s boxes

Considering the fishing time lost due to the nasty weather this was a great year.  The cabin right on the lake was ideal and the company was great.  Can’t wait ’til next year.  Henry’s has not failed us yet.