Antero Sept ’09

Daryl and I made it up to Antero for one last shot this season.  Weather’s great, the water’s in good shape and the fish are willing.  Can’t ask for much more.  Our first half day produced 25-30 fish each.  Biggest three fish went 6, 61/2 and 71/2.  Yes, Daryl caught the biggest fish again….but it’s still early.  Don’t count me out yet.

Five more days of this…..hmmmm?……ok, I’ll do it.

OKAY….it’s five days later and you can officially count me out.  We are in the hotel room, getting ready to head home and finally took the time to write a report, partly because of bad internet service but mainly because we were fishing.  We had an excellent trip.  Fishing was off for the past two weeeks according to a local we met here that fishes the lake every day.  Big fish have been hard to come by.  We caught big fish every day.  Daryl landed a seven pound rainbow four days in a row and one the last day that almost hit the seven pound mark.  We also caught quite a few four pound cutt’s and some hard fighting cuttbow’s.  Daryl even caught three browns that don’t show up that often.  We averaged 25/30 a day and some days more.  We caught them on various patterns but the egg sucking simi seal leech and the DW Minnow produced the majority of the fish.Here’s some pics

This lake is one of the top in the west right now and ranks right up there with Henry’s.  We will be planning a self guided trip here next summer.  Fishing should be off the charts.  At that time the Callibaetis, caddis and damsels will all be hatching so there should be plenty of top water action.  The caddis and Callibaetis are still coming off now and I took advantage of it three days and caught nice 3 lbr’s on top.  The local guy we met said the Kokanee salmon were 33% of the biomass of the lake.  They make a run upstream in thier fourth year….they have been in three years now so that may be added to the mix next year.

Look for dates on the site for next year’s trip.  This will be one to make.