Sunrise….Dog Days Wind

Hit Sunrise with Daryl Thursday.  Lots of wind and plenty of fish for this time of year.  We fought the wind all day and caught fish stripping simi’s up to 18″s.  Hooked up with Brandon and Brian the next day and had the same.  Lots of wind again and the fish were there.  We caught fish everywhere we went mostly on simi’s stripped and under an indicator.  Brandon showed us how to do it in his honey hole c’midding.  The guy was into fish all day.  He and Daryl both landed fish to 20″s on simi’s.  He also landed 5 brookies up to 15″s.  I was kind of the awkward stepchild on this one but still landed fish up to 18″s.  Daryl and I hit it again this am and both landed fish at 18″s before we said goodbye to the wind.  Three days is enough.  My legs still ache.

The lake is in the best shape I have ever seen for the beginning of Dog Days.  I think it actually has risen some since I was there three weeks ago.  The water is definitely in better shape, 60-66 degrees.  If this keeps up and the monsoons hit agian, I doubt there will be any summer kill this year.  We are looking at lots of 20″ fish if they make it through the winter.  Pray for rain!