Antero Lake, Colorado

Headed up with Travis, had friends from Boise, Denver and Canton, OH join us for parts of our 5 day trip.  The fishing was good, not as good as Travis saw earlier in the year, but still was a great trip.  Travis was the man again, catching more and bigger fish than anyone.  These fish pull hard and are fat, the lakes are weedy with a huge food base.  The Simi Seal Leech was the only fly you needed in a variety of colors.  The Mega Simi Seal also worked very well.   It was nice to see some new country.

The long drive up with the transition from Desert to Mountains

Finally to our destination, 12 hours later

We saw changing weather and some amazing sunsets

Even better sunsets

The Fish

Thanks to Travis for showing us how to get it done and it was great to see Chad, Micah, Vince, Cory and Mark along the way.  I can’t wait to get back to Colorado…