Utah/Idaho…..16 days!!!!

Hit the road with Daryl for his family reunion and a little fishing in Utah at Panguitch Lake……16 days later I rolled back into the valley with a big gas bill on my cc card but a whole lot of good memories of some great fishing with good company. We managed to hit 10 different lakes and 4 rivers. Usually I am ready to head back home after about 5 days of fishing. I wasn’t ready to come home at all this trip. I even made a down payment on a little fishing shack on Panguitch Lake, so I guess I’ll be seeing more of Utah in the future. The lake has a slot limit to insure big fish. So that told me there will be a future with the fishing. Anything 15″-22″ has to go back so that means you catch plenty of 20″+ fish and they are hard fighting rainbows and Bear Lake cutt’s. The lake also has tiger trout but we didn’t get into them this trip. Something for me to work on in the future (for sure).

We headed for Henry’s after three days at Panguitch and fished the big hybrids and cutt’s for five days. Never really got into the big guys like in the Fall but we’re sure we had a few on that just kept on going. Landed lots of 3-51/2 lb hybrids and cutt’s fishing small simi buggers in deep leech. Fish really keyed into that color and using something else really slowed the bite. Found that really interesting.

After five days and no real plan it was decision time. Montana was blown out so we headed south. I was anxious to try some of the lakes that Daryl had told me about many times so I was excited to head towards new water. While still in Idaho we hit Blackfoot Reservoir trying to find some of the big spawner cutt’s that head up out of the lake. We fished the river above the lake trying to intercept them on their return trip. Lots of pelicans at the creek mouths so we knew we were at the right spot but just couldn’t connect with the big guys. The highlight of this lake was the BIG carp we got into on the lake. These guys would feed in the shallows during the night and then cruise back out into the depths as the day wore on. We sat out in our kickboats and intercepted them on their way out. Talk about explosive! Imagine a 23 lb carp hitting a fly just under the surface 20 ft from your boat. It was awesome! These fish would track your fly and if it didn’t look just right would turn at the last instant….leaving you sitting there with your mouth open….WTF! We did manage to pick up 5-6….the biggest three went 18, 19 and 23 lbs.

Off to Utah. I was anxious to hit some of the lakes I had heard Daryl talk about so many times. Scofielf, Chesterfield, 24 Mile, Minersville, Forsyth, Otter Creek, all had nice 2-3 lb rainbows and Piute gave us a nice day of smallie fishing. We landed 40 each with several nice ones. We fished the Sevier below the lake as well and Daryl figured it out and had a good afternoon landing 5-6 nice rainbows up to three lbs. I landed a handsome 4 lb sucker for my efforts (yes, I heard about it from Daryl that day).

We ended our trip back at Panguitch and found a honey hole that yielded us probably 40 each…..hard to leave that behind, especially when I heard it was 110+ back home. I know where they are now though and if everything goes as planned….I will have a shack close to it all. Next time, can’t wait!!!