WS Smallies/Trout

Made it up for a day at Willow Springs with Daryl.  We went targetting smallies on the beds.  That didn’t prove to be very fruitful as a lot of the beds were empty and all but one that we saw were of the 10″ variety.  The one good smallie we found didn’t want to play and with the wind and clouds that finally hit midday we finally gave up on her.  The early monsoons have made that country as pretty as I’ve ever seen it and the lake is full.  We did manage to find a few stripping dark colored simi’s over the rocky shorelines. 

All the smallies we caught were prespawn and in great shape.  I even landed a bluegill that looked like a tennis ball, it was so fat with eggs.  I’m not sure how many trout we caught.  They were pretty much swimming around in pods with thier mouths open.  We ended up with a half dozen smallies each and enough trout action to make the day interesting.   Nice day on the water.