Magdalena Bay 2020

Mag Bay 2020 is in the books and was one of the best if not the best annual Baja trip yet.  La Nina affected the overall fishing, leading to less marlin and yellowtail tuna but the abundance of several other species of tuna, snook, dorado and grouper made for some very exciting action.  Jeff de Brown of Reel Baja upped his program significantly with new accommodations and gourmet food.  Joe Staller, Tom Horvath, Skip Culbert, Dave Weaver, Vince Deadmond and myself enjoyed 6 days of great weather, good fishing and great food…really lucky for saltwater fishing.

Skip…aka “Pappie” with beautiful 18 lb snook caught in the mangroves

Tom getting chummy with a mangrove grouper

A flock of frigates in the mangroves.  When outside in the blue water, we look for these birds circling to locate baitfish.  Find the baitfish…you find the game fish.

One of the nightly appetizers served by our gourmet chef, Crystal.  We were served these every night, usually large enough that it could have been my entire meal

If you are looking for a first class trip to the Baja…either East Cape or Magdalena Bay check out the Reel Baja at…888 2874076.

Dave with a nice dorado