I have been hosting Shawn West from Idaho for the past week, fishing some of the local ponds with him and Gary Hitterman.  We have enjoyed catching some of the gills and bass, mostly small.  Finally got him up to Havasu…got tired of waiting for the weather report to say something different than WIND.  It blew while we were there but not unmanagable.  We found a few bedded smallies still hanging around so he and Gary got a taste of bed fishing

The smallies were smaller than earlier in the season but just as aggressive and fought just as hard.  We even managed to find some decent crappies, which I had not caught in Havasu before.

We never found the bedded lmb’s we were looking for but had a great time and fooled several more stripping Shawn’s version of a Clouser.  I had to borrow one just to catch fish the last afternoon.

All in all, a nice trip with good people.  Still need to figure out where the lmb’s are hanging out, but that always gives me a reason to go back.