Rosey 3/09

Daryl and I hit Roosevelt again this weekend concentrating on bedfishing.  It only happens for a short time so we figured we’d work on it some.  There’s always time to strip.  Launched at Windy Hill Sat am and headed across lake to Salome.  We hit the shallows and picked up a couple decent over’s, fish 2 1/2 to 3 lbs. 


We never found “Old Moe” but had a good time hunting for him.  Many of them were spooked and were not ready yet.  Next couple weeks should find more locked on fish.  We ran into the Faulkinbury bunch.  Looked like they were having thier way with the bass, but I’m sure Mike will post a report and can elaborate better than me. 

Daryl landed a nice yellow just before we loaded up the boat.

Next am we hit the Tonto end, just for some new water and ran into Travis and crew banging the lmb’s with simi’s.  Good to see others flyfishing.  We found some clear water but found the bass not as ready as the day before.  We only managed to get a couple to play.

Another nice weekend playing with bass.  Roosevelt is good now and is going to be phenomenal in a couple years when all these young bass grow up.