Rosey 3/09

Hit Roosevelt with Daryl at 1 pm Wednesday.  Launched at Windy Hill and proceeded to catch bass right from the get, mostly unders and slots but we both lost smallies in the three lb range right at the boat.  Just couldn’t keep them on for the pic.

We fished the ramp area and went through the jungle past both submerged ramps and out onto the north side of Windy Hill, catching mainly slot largemouths.  We boated a couple smallies over by the other ramp and then headed to the farther coves looking for bass in the treetops.  By now the wind had come up and this old man was wishing he’d brought his REAL boat instead of the man powered one.  We ended up going all the way to Porter Springs (sp?) and banging some good smallies and crappie along the way.

We fished the area ’til dark and caught fish pretty much until we couldn’t see.  We ended up with about 20 each for a half days fishing.  Next am we hit the Grapevine ramp and it was deja vu.  I had two landed before Daryl got back from parking the Tahoe.  First fish was an over smallie.  The area didn’t hold as many quality fish but we must have landed 25-30 each before we went back over to Windy Hill, caught another 10 each and I lost another good smallie and Daryl landed his biggest bass of the trip, a 2 1/2 lb’r that we didn’t get a pic of.

It was a great couple of half days and it’s just going to get better.  We were testing out a new pattern of Daryl’s called the deer hair simi streamer and it was a real winner.  I used it exclusively both days in about 5 different colors and they all worked.  Just what I need… another pattern in the box.