Hit Roosevelt yesterday at 8 with Daryl.  Fished ’til dark and ended up with 20+ bass.  First two were smallies and thought maybe we had found them but as the day turned out those were the only two.

Kinda disappointed with the size of the lmb we caught.  We saw bigger fish but either missed them or couldn’t get them to go.  Bite was definitely better as the sun warmed the water in the afternoon.  We caught fish at Windy Hill, across from Windy Hill and at Grapevine.  Fish were definitely congregated in certain areas and around trees. 

We used a lot of different flies, Ultra foxy’s, DHS, longtail simis, Tadpole, and a new pattern Daryl made up that is going to be a go to pattern in the future.  If you’re tying your own, use weed guards….it will save you some grief. The Salt river end is the better, clearer end.  When you head north past the dam, it starts to muddy up.  Nice day on the water.