Lees Ferry Feb. 6-8, 2009

What do you get when you combine 16 fly casters, 5 guides, 7 boats and 15 miles of spectacular, trout-infested river?

A great time at Lees Ferry, that’s what.

While the fishing was not off the charts for all, it was not too shabby either. Everyone caught fish and a few sticks put up some big numbers. A variety of techniques were working.  Wade fishing the bars during  periods of rising water was effective. So was sight fishing in side channels. During the afternoons, drifting produced and a few trout were sipping midges in the foam.

Most of the hook-ups were on on the standard Ferry patterns: glo-bugs, worms, and zebra midges.The sippers liked a small indicator dry with a short dropped emerger.

The weather was spectacular on Friday and Saturday. Highs were pushing 60 degrees with light winds. On Sunday a storm was brewing.

As you can see, Lees Ferry has not lost any of its scenic grandeur.  I imagine you noticed that some nice fish are showing as well.

A huge thank you to all those who came along!  Also a shout out to the guides and staff of Lees Ferry Anglers / Cliff Dwellers Lodge.

It was a blast.

See you at The Ferry!