Havasu (Again)

Just got back from Havasu, third time this month.  Never got into the smallies again but at least this time we saw several big ones.  They are starting to move.  We had the best lmb fishing so far with 15 largies and 1 striper boated.  I took the boat up this time and had problems so we didn’t get to cover the water we wanted to.  Ended up catching the bass in the same area we had found on earlier trips.  Daryl put the hurt on me early and had 4 in the boat caught on longtail simis before I got the message and switched out my baitifsh pattern.  All the bass we got were either on longtail simis or Ultra foxy minnows in crawdad colors.  The shad patterns didn’t do it this time, although there were lots of shad around……bass, go figure!

Largest boga’d at 3 lbs and a couple 2 1/2 lbr’s as well.  The fish are in extrememly good shape and the smallies we saw went at least 3 each and fat as footballs.  Can’t wait.  With the weather as nice as it is, there should be some great warmwater fishing thoughout AZ.  It’s going to be tough to choose between Havasu, Rosey and San Carlos.  Decisions, decisons!!!