Daryl and I hit the Bill Willliams area on Havasu this past weekend.  Same story as last time only tougher conditions.  The wind blew us off the lake the first afternoon after we had blanked that morning.  Full moon, cold snap, rough winds….my excuses can go on and on and on but that should cover it.  We took the time to explore and hit Topock, interesting but I like the lake better.  Next am we got up and hit some docks where the previous evening we had found a jillion 4″ shad (I’m not joking) and no fish bothering them.  Same result that am, maybe because of a strong cold wind coming out of the East…maybe because we are dealing with bass.  We hit the river and went quite aways up, no fish.  Ended up back where I was a couple weeks back and Daryl finally hooked up a 3 lb striper and we both landed a few lmb’s.   Still too early….not a smallie to be found and the locals are just as mystified.  Nobody is finding them yet.  They’ll show up overnight and boom….game on.


I just have to make sure I’m there when they show.