Canyon Lake

Kevin, Brandon, Daryl and I decided to try and see what’s going on at Apache Lake.  Hadn’t heard any reports and we were curious as to how the smallies were doing and the trout that were planted last season due to the low water conditions at Canyon.  No big bass around to chow on them so we decided to see how big they had gotten.  After a few hours of bouncing around in the wind and no takes at all we bailed.  I think I see now why I am not hearing any reports on Apache.  Don’t know where Kevin and Brandon ended up but Daryl and I hit Boulder Cove on our way past Canyon Lake.  Nobody but us on the water and the weather calmed down to boot.  We found lots of stocker rainbows back up the end of the cove where LeBarge Creek dumps in.  When the lake was down they must have done some dredging because the upper cove is much more open and deeper than I have ever seen it. 

We even caught a few on top water that were coming up eating midges at the very upper end of the cove.  They wised up pretty quick and we ended up going back to simis, getting hits on pretty much every cast. 

The fish weren’t big, mostly 9″-10″s but if you got one that had a real tail it almost went 12…a real monsta.  All in all a nice afternoon.  If you want to just go get a tug, it’s pretty convenient and I don’t think they’re going anywhere….unless there are still some big bass in there.  They were the perfect size for them.  Let’s hope.