Tying the Diamond Hair Streamer

Hook: Gamakatsu SC15 #2-#3/0

Thread: Uni 6/0 White

Eyes: 3D Molded eyes

Weight: (If desired) Lead wraps covered with mylar

Body Material for Diamond Hair Streamer: Arizona Diamond Hair

1. Invert hook (upside down now) and tie in a pinch of material in the middle of the clump behind the hook eye.

2. Fold rearward facing half of the material over the hook eye and tie down right behind the hook eye.

3. Reinvert hook and tie in material for the upper portion of the fly using the same method. Darkest material should be tied in first. This will be the top of the fly.

4. Build the body of the fly by adding more layers of subtly different colors. I use three or four for the upper portion and one below. This helps minimize fouling problems. More or less could be used to form the desired baitfish shape.

5. Reinvert hook and fold back lower body material, bringing it up close to the hook shank. Glue the material tight to the hook shank

6. Reinvert hook again and do the same process with the upper body materials. At this time, hold the material back with your left hand and coat the head area with 5 second brush-on nail glue. It only takes a few seconds for it to set. I glue the lower body close to the hook shank. Add eyes, recoat and go fishing.

Tying the Simi Seal Leech

Hook: 2x-3x nymph hook. Size: #8 – 12.
Thread: 6/0-3/0 depending on hook size.

Tail: Arizona Simi Seal
Body: Arizona Simi Seal
Rib: Wire (optional)

Weight: Optional bead or lead if desired

1. Apply bead (if used) on hook and secure on hook shank with thread wraps.

2. Pull small pinch of Simi Seal for the tail and secure on hook shank above the barb, tying in the middle of the clump.

3. Fold forward facing clump back over the thread wraps and tie down again, forming the tail.

4. Body will be formed by what I call the simi seal dubbing technique. No wax is used.

5. Thread should be hanging just in front of the tail.

6. Apply enough dubbing to cover the thread from the hook shank to the tip of the bobbin.

7. Hold the thread, the dubbing and the tip of the bobbin between your first finger and thumb.

8. Wrap up the hook shank….never loosening the grip with your fingers.

9. The material will get tighter around the thread with every wrap. I wrap up and back over the hook shank forming desired body shape. You may have to loosen the grip if it gets too tight. I usually apply two separate dubbing clumps.

10. After achieving the desired body size you want, tease out fibers with a Velcro dowel or stick.

11. Tie off, whip finish twice and re-tease with Velcro.