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Spring 2020

Lakes are turning on up here and the streams have plenty of water. All rez waters are closed off but there are still an abundance of water to hit.

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Show Low, Big Lake 5/14-16

Joe came up Wednesday night to fish Thursday-Saturday.  We hit Show Low first thing Thursday am to a nice day comparably to what has been going on up here wind wise.  The weather had turned cool the previous couple days…cool enough that I actually turned my heat back on for a bit.  I believe this contributed to the slow early fishing that day.  That and the fact that we switched to a fly they wanted…a Dk Olive Jiggly.  This was my main fly last season with the stained water.  Earlier this season I switched to a Copper/Olive Diamond Dub Jiggly that worked well too but not that morning.  Once we found something they wanted we proceeded to have a good day….probably 14-15 smallies between us, a walleye, nice holdover trout and a green sunfish.  I love Show Low for it’s diversity.

No really big smallies but several 2-2.5 lbr’s that fought like the usual SL smallie.

Next day we hit Big Lake to see what was going on troutwise.  I hadn’t had any good reports yet on the lake but it was time to start playing with the trout.  We hit South Cove first thinking the trout may still be deeper and that cove has better access to deep water…wrong…nada, not a bump.  Off to old faithful Railroad.  We met Tim there and fished with him for awhile, landing a couple 14″ rainbows.  Tim didn’t have much time so Joe and I headed around the corner to the next cove (not really sure what it is called) and got into some fish there stripping BH Flashback PT’s.  Joe landed 4 brookies and I got a Bonnieville Cutt about 14″ and a brookie.  Not what you’d call on fire but at least some action.  Didn’t see much else going on so we hit Show Low again Saturday…..loving that 7 minute drive.

Tim and Bob Boyd met us at the lake and we were into fish almost immediately.  Bob landed several really nice females.  The one at the top went a good 5 lbs and fought him like a tuna…..on the Dk Olive Jiggly again.  I could hear him screaming “where’s my 8 wt?”  We didn’t get a lot of pics because we were spread out pretty good….but we caught a lot of fish that morning. Tim got a nice 2.5 lmb which is pretty rare for that lake.  I landed the fattie above, a female that looked like she was ready to burst.

A very nice three days of fishing with some gooood weather.  This wind usually starts dying down about now.  Which is great because I plan to keep hitting Show Low for the big girls that will be coming in soon.

Show Low smallies

With the virus keeping us homebound, it’s time to tie flies.  This was the case all last month as April was the busiest month I have ever had with materials.  Great for the wallet but tough for the fishing experiences.  I didn’t have much time to hit the water lately.  Some early season trips to Becker with some good/bad success was about it.  I have had some luck fishing Show Low lately for the smallies.  They have just started to play this past week.  You usually get two-three hours before the wind gets you.

Water temps are starting to warm so this should be fun for the next month or so.  Carnero is the hot spot right now.  Fish are being caught on small nymphs and simi’s stripped.  Holdovers 16″-17″ are taking smallish top water flies as well.  Big Lake fish are still out deep so a deep water nymphing trip is in the future.  I just need to find a day where the wind will let me play more than two hours.  I tried my hand at the grassies in rainbow and got totally spanked.  They average 24″s and are everywhere.  Another new project.  Love it!

Hopefully I’ll have some trout pics next report.  It’s just so easy to hit SL….seven minutes away and those smallies are some kind of fight.

Parker Strip, Havasu

Tim Oliver, Joe Staller and I hit the Parker Strip Saturday and met up with Phil Click for an afternoon of bed fishing.  We all caught fish, mostly smallies and one good lmb.

We headed up to Havasu City that afternoon and got ready for the lake the next day.  We split up and found some of the waters we normally fish, not fishable because of the water being pretty cloudy.  Not sure what is going on but the lake was not the usual clear water we were accustomed to.  On to Plan B.  Joe and Phil fished his boat and Tim and I hit another spot. 

Not sure how many fish we caught but we kept busy all morning netting fish.

Next day we hit the river again at a different spot

We fished it all day, taking turns and landed smallies and lmb’s.  Curiously the lmb’s were all paired up and the smallies weren’t.  Not sure what’s happening there either…usually it’s reversed.  Great trip with a good group.  Havasu comes through again but it is definitely not the same old Havasu of years past.  I’m seeing more and more gizzard shad harassing the bass.  Between the fish that are taken off the beds and left unguarded and the gizzard shad gobbling eggs, I have doubts Havasu can maintain the fishing it once had.  I talked with a conventional guy who saw a ball of gizzard shad rolling a spawning female like a football gobbling the eggs as she was laying them.  All her eggs were not going to be hatched.  You wonder how often that goes on.