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Spring 2020

Lakes are turning on up here and the streams have plenty of water. All rez waters are closed off but there are still an abundance of water to hit.

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Becker, Show Low AGAIN

Joe and Dick Brooks came up for a few days of cooler weather and some fishing.  Hit Becker first morning and landed some very nice rainbows and a couple Tigers on #16 midges.

Hit Carnero the next morning to find a bunch of floating fish in the weeds and at least a dozen boaters on the very small fishable area with two more ready to launch.  Decided to go hit Becker again.  With Becker being Becker, the fish did not want to play with the same midge that day and we pretty much got spanked.  Not the first time…won’t be the last.

Decided to fish Show Low the final morning and she came through for us again.  Landed bluegills, green sunnies, walleye, catfish and of course some nice smallies…all on the Jiggly again.

Nice to have such a versatile fishery so close to home


Show Low

Show Low has been decent for some good smallies the past couple weeks, mostly fishing Jiggly’s under a bobber.  Next time out I plan to try stripping some baitfish patterns.

Big still is off and on and hasn’t really turned on like past years.  My theory is that the Snake River Cutt’s haven’t been planted for three years now and the numbers are way down.  These cutt’s came into the shallows to spawn every Spring.  They were followed in by the egg eating Rainbows in the lake, making them more available to us shallow fishing fly flingers.  This happened on a much smaller scale than previous years.  The Bonneville Cutt’s didn’t come in shallow (maybe spawning in deeper water?).  We may have to adjust our tactics somewhat in the future.

Becker has been Becker.  Good one day, off the next.  The ticket has been size #18 midges but that seems to have tailed off lately.  Off to new tactics again.  The ant hatch has finally arrived with the Monsoons, so some good fishing should follow.

Been a rather wierd year up here with the Rez lakes closed.  Luna Lake has gotten their aerators installed and fired up so hopefully it will make a difference in future years to keep the lake fishing strong later into the hotter months.  Hopefully Crescent is next.

Stay safe

Becker, Big, Show Low

Sorry for the lack of posts, but between all the work and wind there hasn’t been a lot of time on the water for me.  I hit Becker with Charlie yesterday and we got almost three hours in before the wind forced us off.  We both landed some nice 16″-18″ rainbows on hoppers and of course missed a few as well.  He landed a nice 18″ Tiger that was the big fish of the morning.  The water is up and reeeaaally clear.

I have hit Big Lake three times with some seriously good fishermen and the biggest fish any of us caught were 14″ Bonnevilles.  There were some Snake River cutt’s in South Cove but not many were landed.  I’m not really sure how many are left in Big.  AZG&F hasn’t stocked the Snakes in three years so numbers are almost certainly down.  For some reason the bigger Bonnevilles just haven’t come in yet??? …as of a week ago.  The water is as good as I’ve seen in years and is up.  Eventually it will turn on.  This Spring has been surprisingly cold at times and the wind has been continuing even into this month??  Life in the mountains…love it.

Show Low has still been putting out some fatty smallmouth.  With the wind kicking up all the time, it has been my go to, even if I only get a few hours on it

Wish I had a better report but with the rez shut down, it definitely limits our choices.  One good thing about the shutdown is the fish should be in good shape once it reopens….let’s hope sooner than later