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AZ fishing 2020

Well.....2020 is here and another new season awaits us. I wish I could say it was treating me well so far...but can't really. I have had two full days on Havasu, a half day on Apache, a half day on Rosy and a full day on Plez with a net result of two fish....two very hard earned fish!
Good news is Becker has opened up with some good reports already and Show Low opened up a week ago and should be going over the spillway by the end of today. Last year that didn't happen until April. The water is much clearer to boot so looks like I'll be hitting it much earlier this year than last. PLEASE wish me luck!

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Parker Strip, Havasu

Tim Oliver, Joe Staller and I hit the Parker Strip Saturday and met up with Phil Click for an afternoon of bed fishing.  We all caught fish, mostly smallies and one good lmb.

We headed up to Havasu City that afternoon and got ready for the lake the next day.  We split up and found some of the waters we normally fish, not fishable because of the water being pretty cloudy.  Not sure what is going on but the lake was not the usual clear water we were accustomed to.  On to Plan B.  Joe and Phil fished his boat and Tim and I hit another spot. 

Not sure how many fish we caught but we kept busy all morning netting fish.

Next day we hit the river again at a different spot

We fished it all day, taking turns and landed smallies and lmb’s.  Curiously the lmb’s were all paired up and the smallies weren’t.  Not sure what’s happening there either…usually it’s reversed.  Great trip with a good group.  Havasu comes through again but it is definitely not the same old Havasu of years past.  I’m seeing more and more gizzard shad harassing the bass.  Between the fish that are taken off the beds and left unguarded and the gizzard shad gobbling eggs, I have doubts Havasu can maintain the fishing it once had.  I talked with a conventional guy who saw a ball of gizzard shad rolling a spawning female like a football gobbling the eggs as she was laying them.  All her eggs were not going to be hatched.  You wonder how often that goes on.


Havasu 2/27-28

Hit Havasu this past couple days.  Water is still a little cold but managed to land 10-11 in the afternoons.  Mornings they were off the beds until the water warmed a bit.  All were between 2.5 and 3.5 lbs.  Solid, hard fighting smallies.  Lost 4 to jumps that I didn’t get to the net.  I only found them in one of my usual spots.  It seems the water is getting a little dingier every year.  Not sure what’s going on.  Maybe the quaggas have something to do with it?

Here’s some pic’s

Headed back again next weekend.  Hopefully this coming storm won’t cool things down even more.  We need more of that good old AZ sun.

Spring almost here

Spring is right around the corner up here.  It has been a weird Winter. We have had a pretty normal snowpack and some fairly mild weather the past month, but it has gotten cold enough at night that I still have snow on the North side of my house from last Christmas???  Show Low Lake has been spilling over the spillway since the end of January.  It didn’t thaw last year and spill until early April?  I’ve tried finding the bass at SL but have had no success.  I’ll pick up a trout every now and then but no smb’s or walleye.  Becker has been fishing well for a month now.  I have had my best luck stripping bunny leeches slowly on the bottom.  Two weeks ago it was 38-40 degrees.  Yesterday it was up to 44 and the trout were doing their spawn dance in the shallows?  Haven’t seen that in several years.  Not quite sure what’s going on there because these are supposed to be Triploids that don’t spawn.

Overall the outlook is good.  Lakes are up and the runoff really hasn’t started yet.  Luna is scheduled to have aerators installed this Spring.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

Here’s to good 2020 fishing season