The Monsoon has hit the high country.  It used to be the Monsoon was offcially here when the dew point hit a certain point for three consecutive days.  Recently they put a firm date to the start of it...June 15.  Well, it hit the high country two days early this year.  Show Low hasn't had it yet but the high lakes got a smattering and heavy stuff is forecast for this weekend...none too soon.

We have been hitting Big Lake the past few weeks with some good sucess.  The bite is constantly changing but we have landed cutt's up to 21"-22" with the average being about 16".  I haven't hit Sunrise.  It is lower than I have ever seen but I see fishermen so they must be catching fish...and probably good ones.

Carnero is reallly low and Becker is it's usual self...good one day and off the next. Not really a lot to report. With the Rez closures fishing is somewhat limited.  Let's hope the Monsoon brings a lot of rain and little lightning.

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