I believe Spring has arrived.  It was in the low 40's at my place the past two mornings.  Last week I had some mornings that were still in the 20's?

I'm pretty sure all the lakes are open and some have been for awhile.  The back roads will still be blocked off or snowbound but there is plenty of water to hit up here right now.  There should be some very good fish early on.  I doubt there is any winterkill and we had some good fish at the end of last season.  There should be legitimate 20" Tigers coming out this year.

All the lakes will be low with very little runoff this year.  Bodes for an early but short season as some of the lakes will undoubtedly suffer with algae blooms.

The bass lakes are going to be impacted as well.  I was on Rosey yesterday and the entire lake bottom where I fished was covered in moss and an algae bloom was on the surface already.  Fish were still active and playful and the water clarity is excellent under the bloom.

Hit it now...may be a short season

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