Rain, Rain, Rain


The Monsoon officially hit the White's July 5th and has been really strong so least at my place.  I have had rain every day since the 5th....sometimes steady and sometimes the typical Monsoon downpour.  Hopefully it will continue and help replenish our depleted watersheds with some much needed water. 

Fishing has slowed considerably.  With the closure of the Eastern side of the Rez, fishing has been rather limited.  Big is still putting out good cutt's but you may have to go a bit deeper than earlier.  Becker is holding a lot of good fish but fishing has been spotty.  Recent ant hatches have not really turned the fish on like before.  Not quite sure what is oging on there but fishing an ant this time of year is always a good choice.

Streams are all low, making fishing more difficult.  Sounds pretty bleak, I know.  But let's hope the rains keep coming.  It's what we need.

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