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October 17, 2016

Big, Horseshoe

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Daryl came up for the weekend.  We hit Reservation early Sat morning looking for cruisers.  Didn’t see much and was surprised at all the people.  We headed to Big Lake.  Big has been pretty much the most dependable water up here this season and it turned out to be the right move again.  DW was stripping his shellback Callibaetis and I was dangling a midge under a bobber.  Both techniques produced fish.


We hit South Cove this time and the fish seemed to average a bit bigger and surprisingly less crowded than Railroad.  Next day we hit Horseshoe…again looking for cruisers.  We didn’t find much there either.  Friend, Ren Wilson has been hitting it pretty hard the past couple weeks and finding more players than we did.  He was there along with another buddy and they picked up some decent fish.


DW picked up a 3 lbr stripping a small Helmet Head and a couple small rainbows.  Finally got a pic.


It’s still too warm up here.  54 at my place this morning.  Supposed to start cooling down later this week.  When that happens and the water gets down into the 40’s the bite should really turn on.  I’ll try and do a better job posting.  Been fishing, just not taking any pics.  The annual steelhead/brown trout trip is coming up in a few weeks so I’ll have some time to try and get into some good fish before then.  Usually after that trip….it’s back to bass full time.


September 29, 2016

Apache 9/25

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Daryl and I hit Apache Sunday.  It took us awhile to find some players but once we did they were all over the shad Helmet Heads again.  We must have landed 20-25 smallies and lmb’s.  Most of them 2 to 3 lbs that fought really well.  We both found a 5 lbr each so that was a nice bonus.  Man, do they pull.


Sure been fun.  It’s getting cool up here so I’m sure the trout are gonna start happening soon.  I’m gonna miss the bass pull.

September 12, 2016


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Had a WMLF meeting this weekend in the valley.  Decided to stay an extra night and hit Apache with Daryl the next day.  Fishing wasn’t as non stop as with him and Ron but when they got going there were plenty of good fish to catch….both lmb’s and smallmouth.  They ate the same flies as before…Helmet Heads in shad colors about 3″s long.  Funny thing happened this time.  I lost one of the eyes on my shad and the fish would not touch it.  I put another fly on and they were on it again.  I see that on DHS’s but this is the first time it happened with these flies….always something to learn.

Here’s a couple pic’s


September 4, 2016


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Gentry and Michele and DW came up for a few days over the Labor Day weekend.  The weather has been a tad windy but we hit Becker just the same and it was definitely manageable, although the fish weren’t quite as much so.  Water temp’s were down around 68 but the fish still had Dog Days attitudes.  We all fished different patterns with different techniques as well and we all caught fish …even though there weren’t many and most not very big.  Gentry tagged the most using a sinking line and a fly Joe Staller makes imitating a Callibaetis nymph.  Fun weekend and always good to get out.

Here’s some pics


August 26, 2016

Apache Bass

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Hit Apache again Thursday with Daryl and Ron, fishing in Ron’s new boat.


We fished from about 9 to 4 and as often the case with Summer bass we didn’t put a fish in the boat for the first 4 hours.  We don’t catch them until they want to play.  Around 1-2 they turned on and we couldn’t keep them off our flies.  I can remember having at least 2, maybe 3 doubles landed and not sure how many we had on that we lost.  All of them but maybe 1 or 2 went over 2 lbs.  No giants but heavy healthy fish that put a good bend in our fly rods.  I was fishing the Sage LM bass rod and DW and Ron were using DW’s 7 wt steelhead rod with at least a 300 gr sinktip line.  I know we all had fish break us off on 1 x tippet.  Once it started we probably could have tied the fly on a rope and they would have inhaled it.


One time I was releasing a fish and dropped my fly over the side of the boat.  When I picked it back up to recast I had another fish on.  I immediately attributed that to a GREAT cast.


Not sure how many we actually landed, at least 24-25, maybe 30.  We just kept trading off rods and had two flies in the water as much as possible.


All the fish were caught on Helmet Heads in shad colors….another great day on Apache.  I very seldom hit the bass lakes in the Summer but Dog Days have hit up here and this has saved my bacon.  My bass fishing keeps expanding….love it!

August 21, 2016


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I hit Apache a couple times the past couple weeks with Daryl.  He has been doing really well on the lmb’s and smallies at times if he hits it right.  Some days he will land 20-25  bass with several in the 5 lb range.  He’s throwing a fly I call a Helmet Head in shad colors.  It is basically a DHS with a Fish Mask on it.  They are pretty much bullet proof and they catch fish.  I have been playing around with them for awhile now and they work on trout just as well.  We hit it for 6 hours yesterday and landed 13 between us….not an epic day but enough going on to make it worth the drive.  DW landed the only good bass with this 4 lb’r that pulled really hard.  These lmb’s fight almost as hard as the smallies…..almost.  I’ll keep on hitting it until the trout turn back on up here.  One of these trips I’ll hit it right.



August 8, 2016


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Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  Fishing has been pretty limited up here to Becker, Big and Carnero….so there has been little new to report.  Becker Triploids are holding up well with the 70+ degree water temp’s.  These fish seem to handle the warmer water much better than the Diploids did.  I haven’t been for a week or so but we were still getting them on top with hoppers and ants.  They are still fighting hard and swimming away with no floaters.  Looks like AZG&F found a winner with those.  A few 13″ Tigers are showing up both on top and under an indicator.  Big has been getting tons of rain and I haven’t fished it for a couple weeks.  There was a start of a bloom and the fish are pretty much on the bottom but you can still get a few cut’s in the shallows.  I finally enticed one to eat an ant the last time I was there….fun.  Carnero is pretty weeded up but hopefully with these Monsoon rains it will fill back up again like last year.

I have been trying to fool some of the bass up here….without much luck I might add.  The monsoon has cut both my trips short with the lightning so I headed down to good old Apache yesterday and fished with DW and Steve.  Fishing was tough for us.  We fished about 5-6 hours and landed 5 between us.  I had a hard time with the 100+ degree heat….which I am not used to after being up here for three years.  Nice day though…beat making dubbing.

July 5, 2016


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We have been hitting Becker about every other day and although we haven’t had anymore ants hatching the fishing is still very good.  I have been doing nothing but top water using a gray bodied hopper and a jumbo black foam ant.  The fish are eating each about 50-50.  DW came up the other day with his niece Abby and her fiancé Steve.  I believe he caught his first rainbow on a fly….I know it was his first trout on a dry.  Abby caught several fish too…..and of course hers were BIGGER!!!  But no pic’s…sorry


He ate the gray hopper…sight fishing to it.  Fishing that day was a bit slow but this morning Tim, Ron and I fared quite a bit better.  Again black ant and gray foam hopper.  Must have had 16-20 on and landed about half that.  Some of the bigger fish will get you down in the weeds if you end up playing them too long.  They are remarkably strong and if water temp’s hold up they’ll continue to fight hard.  I had one blow up on me so hard he snapped my fly off like it was thread.


July 1, 2016


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I hit Becker this am with Tim and Ron.  We had fished it a couple days previously and had moderate success at best.  Fish were just not that playful.  It rained Tuesday off and on and the forecast was the same for today……ants!.  Every now and then you make a plan that works.  Today was one of those days.  We hit it just right.  Spitting rain, slight wind and about 10 they started popping.


We fished with Charlie Girard, an old friend and former shop customer who has been hitting the lakes hard since he retired.  30 + years at Intel, shaving every day and getting a haircut every two months….not anymore.  Looks like Grizzly Adams…your best look since I’ve known you (over 20 years).  The fish he’s holding is the average fish in Becker right now.  17-18″s and a solid 2.5 lbs.  Water temps are holding up and these fish are the best fighters I’ve seen in Becker.  They were eating a green Para hopper that Charlie made up  (and was nice enough to throw one my way) initially and small Para Adams.  Once the ants started popping it was 50-50 for me on the hopper and the ant.  Tim was banging them on a black beetle.  At one point there were so many ants, I had to move because the fish just had too many choices and too often the choice wasn’t my fly.  I’m not sure how many we landed and missed or broke off but it was a very goooood day.

Thanks Charlie for the hopper.

Sorry for no other pics’s……busy

June 26, 2016


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Hit Carnero yesterday and fished with Kevin and his friend Jeff.  The lake is fishing well.  We did all our damage with various patterns under a bobber.  I was using a UV resin midge, black/red and I believe Kevin and Jeff did best with a blood worm.  I saw several other guys landing fish as well….not sure what they were doing.  I didn’t see a Tiger…all rainbows between 8-16″s.  They fought hard and were in good shape.  Lots of top water activity but I don’t really think they were eating on top….think they were just being rainbows and being active.  Although I never saw a nose, I tried various top water flies with not even a lookey-lou.  Nice day….cloudy with a nice chop on the water.  Looked like it could rain at any time but nada while I was there.  Monsoons are coming and the lakes can really use it.  This lake has gone down considerably since I last fished it in May.

Sorry….no pics again