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February 11, 2016

Apache 2/10/16

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I snuck away and hit Apache for a few hours yesterday.  Lake was busy, lots of trailers in the parking lot and the campground had more campers than any other time this year.  I think everyone is trying to catch that magic 30 lb bag again.  It felt like Spring, great weather, cardinals flying around and lots of new green grass everywhere.  The desert is pretty awesome in the Spring, definitely it’s best show…..but it’s only early Feb???

Bite wasn’t that good…..about a fish an hour.  Landed 4 but two were nice fish…one at just under 3 and one over 3.

photo (26)photo (22)

They’re still eating the chartreuse RL Ultra Foxy.  Talked with several other boaters and nobody had caught a thing.  Smallies do like flies….thankfully


January 30, 2016

Apache 1/27/16

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DSC00443 Joe and Gentry snuck away last Wed for a day at Apache.  Between them they had 6 on, landed 4.  Joe said he was using two flies and they all hit the chartreuse.  Good job guys DSC00439

January 25, 2016

Apache 1/24

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Daryl and I hit Apache Sunday around 9.  We found blue skies and a dead calm lake.  Along with a full moon that night and a tournament the day before, we had pretty low expectations… and for the most part we were right.  We hit the normal spots we had been doing well at and blanked for the first two hours…not even a bump.  Found very few shad and marked almost no fish.  We commented on how we needed a chop….voila.  Within the first five minutes after the wind picked up I had two fish landed and missed another. That would have been fine….BUT…the wind decided to really kick up and forced us to run for cover.  On the way back to the ramp, Daryl hit an area that held some shad.  He dropped his bronzeback Simi Seal leech, let it sink a bit, twitched it a couple times and BAM….a nice 5 lb lmb was on the other end.  That’s why I love bass fishing.  You have no idea what will happen next.

FullSizeRender (2)

A lmb like this one will make any trip a successful one.  Apache is coming back strong.  There seem to be more smallies every season and they are all in great shape.  We are catching enough 1-2 lb fish that will make a good fishery into a great one down the road

photo (24)

January 18, 2016


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photo (27)

Tim Oliver, Daryl and I made it to Apache for a day.  Hit the lake around 9 and got off around 3.  Lake was clearer than last week but the fish still wanted chartreuse.  We landed 15-16 between us.  Nothing big this trip but some nice 2-2.5 lbr’s.  Lot more boat traffic this time, probably because of the three day weekend…..awesome lake.

Here’s some pics

photo (20)photo (23)photo (25)

Beautiful January Winter day on the water.  Blue skies, long sleeve shirts and willing smallmouth.  Gotta love AZ.

January 11, 2016


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photo (15)

photo (19)

Five of us hit Apache Sunday for a day of chasing smallies.  The lake had risen since the last trip, colder and more off color from the recent runoff.  The tactics used last trip were not effective this time.  Chartreuse proved to be the color that did ALL the damage.  Fishing was much tougher as well.  Five guys fishing….six fish caught.  That’s bass fishing.  If you plan to do much of it, plan on it being that way.  One day they’re there, willing to eat….next day the lake is void of ANY fish.   I think that is one of the reasons it appeals to me so much, aside from how hard they fight.  You are constantly rethinking your plan of attack.  I can’t tell you how many times the fly that worked one day is rejected the next.  It’s often frustrating but when you get it right….you feel you have accomplished something.  I always try and think (whether true or not)….they are eating something, just figure out what it is and how they want it served to them.

Here’s some more pics

ApacheLakeAZ_GentrySmith_2015_002ApacheLakeAZ_GentrySmith_2016_001photo (16)photo (17)photo (18)

December 29, 2015

Holiday Bass

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Spent Christmas with my boys in Cal.  On the way over I fished Havasu for a day and a half.  First afternoon hit Site Six and blanked.  Did not see a fish caught from eveining til dark.  Second day I went down to the Bill Williams end and fared a bit better.  Not nearly as many shad, no stripers for me… but managed to bang a few lmb’s in areas that have produced for me before.

photo (12)

On my way back I hit Apache with Daryl, Joe Staller, Tom Horvath and Carl Rutherford.  Lake looked phenomenal but fishing was tough.  We picked up some in the afternoons but they made us work for them.  Bronzeback Mega Simi Seals worked for Joe and Daryl.  I caught mine on RL Ultra Foxy’s.  Burnt Corral fished better than the marina area.  Here’s some pics….not big but any tug is a good tug.



photo (13)photo (14)


December 11, 2015


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Hit Havasu a couple times the first couple weeks in Dec.  First trip was up to Havasu City.  This has been the place early in the season the past couple years.  Not this year.  Caught a few dinks and one 3 lbr.  Found out later that the shad were down south again like they used to be early on.  So, I went back Tues and Wed and tried it there.  Mucho better!!

photo (11)

Fished Tuesday afternoon and probably landed 6-7 with one going 3…lots of smaller fish this season.  Not quite sure why but bodes well for upcoming seasons.  Hit it again Wed morning and was pretty much into fish the whole time.  Again, lots of dinks but managed a couple 4lbr’s and a couple 3’s with 4-5 2 lbr’s thrown in, fishing DHM’s.  The shad were much more plentiful down there but not schooled up like they normally are.  Maybe it’s still early.  This is the earliest I have hit it in several years.  Anyway, it beats sitting home tying flies and I had it all to myself.  Man, do they pull!!!

November 17, 2015

PA/NY 2015

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Steelheading is always a crap shoot.  It all depends on water flows.  This year the PA and NY waters just weren’t there for the steelies to come up in mass like we usually encounter so we had to do some scrambling to find the kind of fish we came 2100 miles for.  Some of us went to New York for browns and lakers and some of us stayed in PA searching for new water holding fish.  We had some rain one day and brought up new batch of fish but they pretty much hightailed it up the creeks.  Daryl encountered a run of fresh steel one morning and had a great morning hooking and playing cartwheeling steel.  Fresh chromers are as strong as any freshwater fish I have found.  Tim and I went up one that had great looking water only to find no fish coming up…steelies are a crap shoot.  Here’s some pics.


We hit NY waters after a few days at PA hoping to find better conditions but NY had been going through the same dry conditions.  Oak Orchard didn’t produce much.  No fresh fish to speak of so we branched out and tried several of the smaller tribs looking for fish.  We found some.


Some of the guys went to NY and hit the spawning lakers in the Niagara River.  They caught fish up to 15 lbs….pretty impressive.

IMG_0109IMG_0078 (1)photo (10)IMG_6092IMG_0088IMG_5366IMG_1732IMG_0004

It was another great trip back East.  We had to work harder this trip but we found new water and learned a bit more….definitely worth another go’round.


November 2, 2015


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For those of you wondering how Hawley is filling…here are a few shots taken yesterday at the store/marina.

photo (6)photo (7)photo (8)photo (9)

As you can see, it is still very low.  Very little water coming in from the smallish creeks that feed it and the same for Trout Creek in Rainbow Cove.  I walked the banks in several areas, looking for any activity….saw some small rises but no cruisers.  Nice to be able to see some of the structure ….or lack thereof depending on where you were.  Nobody on the water, may be worth another visit when I have more time.  Earl Park looked very good….again nobody on it.  It will be interesting to see how full it gets after our Winter.

October 24, 2015


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photo (5)

Got to fish with Kevin Friday before he had to leave the high country and head back down to the valley for the Winter.  The cutt’s were still playful.  We caught them on pt’s and hares ears under indicators and all were very healthy and fought hard.  The lake temp had dropped 7 degrees from last week to 48 so the big ones are getting more shallow.  Big Lake doesn’t suffer from winter kills so there should be some very large cutt’s waiting for Kevin when he gets back up next Spring.  Let’s hope the El Nino predictions ring true.