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November 18, 2017

Magdalena Bay, Mexico Nov 10-15

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Definitely something to smile about.  Joe Staller and I hit Magdalena Bay on the Pacific side of the Baja Peninsula for 6 days of inshore mangrove and blue water fishing, mainly for marlin.  We fished with Jeff DeBrown of The Reel Baja using Mag Bay Outfitter boats.  The plan was to fish the mangroves early in the trip and catch as many species as possible and then hit the blue water later.  Magdalena bay is a huge complex with hundreds of miles of mangroves and easy access to the open ocean.  We had some pretty big weather the first few days of the trip so fishing inside was definitely the way to go.  We fished inside with a local guide, Saul who was great.  He put us on fish right away and kept us there.  Between us we landed ten different species of fish, all on baitfish imitations cast up tight to the mangroves.


We were fishing 40 lb test leaders/tippet and had breakoffs that snapped it like a thread so who knows what was on the other end.  These are the species we landed….. leopard grouper, broomtail grouper, yellowtail snapper, dogtooth snapper, bay bass, pompano, orange mouth corvina, croaker, black snook, and green snook.  We have more pic’s somewhere but haven’t been able to round them up as of yet.


The last four days were spent chasing marlin. There was an area called the Thettis Bank that had a large concentration of marlin on it and that was what we targeted every day.  Due to the rough seas we had to come in every night so we had some travel time every day but the crew worked very hard getting us on marlin.   We both landed 120 lbr’s and a couple smaller ones but had many, many shots that just didn’t hook up.  A marlin has a mouth that is just about all bone so hooking up is not always a given.  You get the excitement of the cast and grab but then they drop the hook, but the adrenaline rush is there just the same.  Watching Jeff and his partner, Hector work these fish with the teasers was a joy to watch.  When a marlin gets hot and comes after one of the teasers it is like nothing I have ever seen before.  They are violent and fast.  I got some video of a pack of marlin feeding top water on sardina and it’s like striper boil on shad…only these are 100 lb fish.  I will see if I can get it on there somehow.


On our final day on the way back in we trolled flies just to see what we could find and Joe caught a white skipjack that made some great ceviche.  I had a marlin grab one of my big Helmet Heads that I tied up for the trip and took almost all of my 400 yards of backing before spitting the hook….nice way to end a great trip.  Already planning for next year.

October 18, 2017

Henry’s Lake 2017

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Back from another great trip to Henry’s.  The lake had suffered somewhat the past few years so it was good to get back to it again….always fun.  This year saw a good number of big hybrids, very few brookies and a good number of good size Yellowstone cutt’s…..enough cold to make you realize you weren’t back in AZ and a blast of heavy winds almost every day.  DW, Bryan, Joe and myself met Kevin and his two buddies, Scott and Rick and fished for a week.  DW and Kevin landed double digit fish early on and several 7-8 lbr’s were also caught.

IMG_0431IMG_0445image000000 (1)image000000Rohmer Cutthroat

The lake had suffered a severe algae bloom at the end of the Summer and the algae was still lingering in the water.  With the wind blowing hard every day and switching directions it had the lake pretty well churned up.  We are used to fishing clear water there so it became a challenge to find clear enough water to fish.  We found a bunch of good sized cutt’s and were able to get them to eat bright shiny Zonkers and large simi’s, but the big hybrids weren’t so cooperative at first.  Eventually the lake started to clear at one side and we concentrated our efforts there.  The lake had good sized hybrids but not as many as previously.  We actually had to go to the indicator and caught them on egg sucking simi’s and big scuds….a first for Henry’s.

IMG_3547.JPGIMG_0453IMG_0436IMG_0439Rohmer 2

We didn’t catch as many fish as usual.  They made us work for them but definitely worth the 14 hour drive.


We actually left a day early heading south because of some bad incoming weather and found some great rainbows.  I can see a new Spring trip in the making…can’t wait


September 26, 2017

Big Lake

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IMG_0415 (1)

We had a WMLF meeting this past Saturday at my place.  Sunday a group of us hit Big Lake….along with everyone else who hadn’t been able to fish this past week because of the high winds.  Railroad Cove was pretty crowded but we still found enough fish to have a nice day.  The fish were smaller than this Spring….15″-16″s and were all done with the spawn.  All were back to normal coloring and still fought like crazy.  They had moved out somewhat, in deeper water…..7′-8′.   I believe they are podded up and once you have a pod go through everyone gets hooked up.  Most all the fish were caught stripping….from simi’s in some shade of black, to flashback hares ears, to buggers, etc.  Water was 54 degrees and the algae is clearing considerably.


This is the start of the best Stillwater fishing every year.  All the lakes will be turning on soon.  It’s been in the low 30’s at my place in the mornings for the past four days.  It’s coming…


September 17, 2017


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Tim, Charlie and I hit Pacheta Saturday.  We had the lake to ourselves.  Water was 64 with a slight algae bloom and some wind.  Turned out to be a pretty good day.  Tim had one of those days that he won’t forget any time soon.  Landed a 5 lb brown and one about 2.5- pushing 3.  Also landed a 20″ rainbow.  We ended up catching more rainbows than browns, pretty much like last year.  The rainbows are really healthy and fight very hard.  Lots of stockers but enough 14″-15″ fish to really make for a great day.


The fish were on small stuff early, midges and bloodworms and later in the day they switched and started eating simi’s.  I landed some stripping but they preferred one hanging under an indicator.  I guess with the chop we had it made for an enticing meal.  Most were caught on Deep Leech.  The rainbows were especially hot.  I had one straighten a #12 1150 Daiichi hook and we all lost good fish that just came unbuttoned.

The weather is cooling and the bite will just get better as it gets colder.  We could be looking at one of the better Fall fishing season’s we’ve had in a while.

September 4, 2017


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Gentry and I fished Carnero this past Saturday and Sunday.  I had hit Big Lake the day before and found Railroad Cove to be a pea soup mess.  Charlie Girard and I made it around to the cove off the end of it and found some open water due to the wind blowing in from the North.  We caught some fish but it was not a lake I wanted to hit again over the weekend.  We need that first good freeze to clear some of these waters up from the algae blooms.

Carnero seemed to be a good option and it proved to be at least fishable during Dog Days.  The first day we had some great top water action on adult damsels and both landed some rainbows, mostly about 12″s.  A 16″ inch fish was our biggest that day.  Second day was totally different.  No top water to speak of and the only action we could muster was stripping a size #10 bronze peacock simi seal leech.  The color and size of that fly imitated the billions of fathead minnows that I’m sure have become one of the staples for the trout in that lake.


Not exactly sure what is going on with the lake but all the weeds in the center part of the lake are dying or have died.  The dead ones have been uprooted from the bottom by the winds and are floating  on the top of the lake.  Depending on wind direction the lake can be covered by dead weeds or totally open with no living weeds below.  The only places we caught fish were where there were live weeds on the bottom.  I’ve never seen this happen at this lake before.  Not sure if it will be good or bad for the future.  It may be a blessing in getting rid of some of the weeds.  The lake surely has enough of those.

Anyway it looks good once the cold weather hits.  One of the guys caught a Tiger almost 20″s so when the lake cools and the fish turn on you may have a shot at a really good Tiger.


August 27, 2017

Becker, Big

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I have been hitting Big and Becker pretty consistently this month….every other day.  Although Dog Days are here for sure, both lakes continue to fish well.  You may have to work for them more but they are there and will play if you give them the right morsels with the right presentation….even if it may be sporadically.  The cutt’s are smaller than this Spring but are averaging 16″s with some bigger ones in the mix….and they fight hard.

Big Lake cutt’s are still shallow and will eat a Flashback Hares Ear or black buggers/leeches stripped fairly quickly.  I fish with some very competent indicator guys and they are having a tough time to get them to eat under a bobber.  The lake is clearing well, cooling off and will just continue to get better with the cooler weather.

Becker rainbows are eating small black/red c’mids  and small red blood worms, all under a bobber.  Find the deepest water you can find and concentrate there.  There are fish all over and mostly at the 10 ft level but they don’t seem to want to play.  Water temp’s are cooling with the steady afternoon Monsoons and the fish are holding up well.  Very few floaters this year and the fish are still fighting very hard.  Lots of 17″-20″ fish.

The Monsoon is still active in the afternoons mostly so be aware when it gets noisy to get off the water.  Most storms pass through pretty quickly and you can get back on.

Dog Days are here and will be for the next month but you can still catch fish up here and the Summer crowds are gone.  Fall’s coming.

August 21, 2017

Big Lake

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Been hitting Big Lake a few days this past week.  The cutt’s are still around.  They’re not quite as playful as earlier in the season but you can still have a nice day, just keep banging on them.  Cloudy days seem to be a bit more productive.  They seem to hit in spurts at times.  Stripping buggers with c’mid trailers or hares ears have been the best bet for us.  Most of them have already spawned but you’ll get a fattie now and then that is still carrying eggs.  I’m always amazed at how well these cutt’s fight.

Most of the fish are 15″-17″ with an occasional bigger one and most aren’t colored up like earlier.  The Monsoons are still active and plan to get wet but it’s well worth a little drenching.  Pretty soon we’ll be hearing the bull’s bugling.  Fun time of the year.

Sorry, no pic’s ….lazy

August 11, 2017


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Hit Carnero a couple days ago with Dave, Daryl and Matt.  Lake is really weeded up but the remaining open water was productive.


The day was mostly sunny but when we got a few clouds the fish immediately started rising and eating.  They would rise occasionally with no sun but we had a hard time getting them to eat then.  Not many big fish caught but it is always fun catching them on top.  The Tigers in there are always really colored up, even if they’re small.  It must be the surroundings they are in that dictates if they color up or not.  The ones in Becker don’t get nearly as bright.

We caught them on caddis, ants and damsels on top and small black simi’s stripped produced as well.  Fun day.  The lake level is holding up.  I believe the piping that WMLF installed made a difference this year.  The Monsoon has been good and still coming on strong.  Should be plenty of water when Winter finally hits.  Only problem is all the weeds.  This is one of the four lakes designated for work to be done by AZG&F along with the WMLF when the studies are completed.  Something definitely needs to be done with the weeds.


August 8, 2017


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I have hit Becker 4 of the past 5 days with mixed results.  I am learning a different technique for deep water nymphing.  As any of you know who have fished with me, I am not a fan of indicator fishing.  I have nothing against it as a technique, it’s definitely one of the most effective there is…I just don’t have the patience to watch a bobber.  If it’s moving water…it’s not so boring.  You are casting to a specific spot, mending and adjusting depths all the time.  Not so in stillwater.   So, I have been going through growing pains watching my buddies land fish after fish while I’m watching.  I hope to figure out what my problem is but as of late….sometimes I get ’em and sometimes I don’t.

Anyways the point of this report is that Becker lake is fishing well.  The fish are deep but can be caught using worms and midges.  The strain of Triploids AZG&F put in are very hardy fish.  Water temp’s have been up in the 74 degree range and the fish are still fighting very hard and swimming away very strong.  As with the past few years Becker is holding up well for rainbows from 16″ to 20″ with some over.  Give it a try.

August 1, 2017

Big, Crescent, Becker

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Tim came up for a few days.  We hit Big and Crescent one morning and blanked except for one nice cutt Tim caught at Big.  Monsoon rolled in around noon and that was the end of that memorable day…..thank you very much.  We needed an ego boost so we hit Becker the following day and got a bit of a lift…..although not quite as much as I would have liked.  Dog Days have definitely arrived.  The morning saw us catch maybe 8-10 each with a couple nice ones.  Dave Batten bagged a few as well.  Biggest fish went 20″s but again the Monsoon hit around noon and after that it was very dismal catching.


We caught everything under a bobber….worms and midges