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April 13, 2014


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My oldest son is here helping me move.  Took a drive yesterday with him to show him the country.  Stopped by Sunrise and was surprised to see it at last years’s level.  I thought it may have been lower.  Water looked good….although it was blowing hard.  The Hawley road is still closed.  The Greer lakes are full and looked good.  Here’s a shot of Tunnel


March 16, 2014

Havasu w/DFC 3/14-15

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Ron and I hit Havasu, fishing with the DFC club.  They had four days booked to play with the Havasu bass.  Ron and I planned to fish all four days with them but the nasty winds that so often come with Havasu came up the last two days.  The first two days were bad enough but then the real wind hit the third day.  Ron and I bailed, leaving the DFC boys to battle the winds.  They hit the river, the Parker Strip, the third day…. trying to miss the wind but unfortunately it found them and they didn’t last long fighting both it and the current.  Met some good guys and saw some old friends…good trip for that reason alone.  The fishing doesn’t always have to be great to have a good trip.

Ron and I found a place out of the wind that hadn’t been pounded too hard and picked up a few the second day.

Here’s a few pic’s.


The lake fished different this year.  Water clarity was not nearly as good as normal.  I think it had to do with the water level fluctuating so much this summer.  Always an interesting place to fish and it just seems to keep producing good bass.


March 6, 2014


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Ron and I hit Sag Tuesday and Wednesday.  Hit Butcher Jones the first day and landed six between us.  Nothing over 2.5 lbs.  Lots of beds but many were empty and most of the fish that we caught we had to work them a long time.  You can tell they had been hit pretty hard already…..spoooooky!  Second morning we hit the marina and found even more beds with fish that were a little more playful.  Again all males with nothing over 2.5 lbs.  We must have landed a 16-17 between us….all on the bed fly.  Fun couple of mornings…I never get tired of searching for fish.

Here’s a couple pic’s.


March 3, 2014

Canyon Creek

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I got this report from Tim Oliver

Lower Canyon Creek Fishing report for Friday February 28th, 2014

Drove up from Chandler and arrived creek side around 9:30 AM Friday morning to find it sunny and clear and about 45 degrees.  Canyon Creek was very low and clear, a real indication of how little water the area has received this winter.  I head downstream and turned around an hour and a half or so at the fence line where the creek is in a narrow high walled canyon.  Not many fish spotted and those that did show themselves were very spooky.

As the day wore on it warmed up to a high in the fifties and not too breezy considering the forecast for rain later in the day.  Landed three nice Browns (8”, 14”, 15”) all on a Bead Head Prince Nymphs under a strike indicator.  Tried several other flies throughout the day in a two fly tandem rig, but the Prince ruled the day.  Again the water was real skinny and I only found fish willing to play in the deepest of holes.  Left the creek around 3:30 as the weather was beginning to change.  There were three other people fly fishing the creek, all nice guys from the valley.

Had a wonderful day on the stream, but let’s hope for lots of spring rains to bring the water level up.

Tim Oliver

February 23, 2014

Havasu 2/21/22

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Brian and I made it to Havasu for our first trip this season.  Usually don’t do much this early but we like to be there when it first starts up so we head out earlier than most.  Lo and behold…it’s already going on in certain areas on the lake.

IMG_0078 IMG_1179 IMG_1830

We found all our fish up lake and in the quieter, warmer areas.  Not many up yet off the main lake.  Funny thing this year is the upper lake was not the usually gin clear water we are accustomed to.  In many areas the viz was only 3-4 ft deep….instead of the usual 14-15 deep.  Not quite sure what is going on but the lake is different.  It has been down at least 10 ft for some work they had to do and is rising now so maybe that has something to do with it.  I have seen in the past that a rising lake can get dirty.  But this almost looked like it had more nutrients in it.  The lake has always looked sterile to me because it is so clear.  Obviously it’s not.  Gonna be interesting to see what develops from it…if anything.

Here’s some more pic’s

IMG_2258 IMG_2753 IMG_3966 IMG_5270

We thumped ‘em pretty good.  The cool thing about being there early was most all these fish were “players”.  They were eager to whack our bed flies.  Only a couple did we have to coax with a drop shot fly to eat….and then they just annihilated that when we threw that different bait in the bed.  I don’t think these fish had been fished over much….if any at all.  Makes a big difference when you can be the first one there to show them a bait.

IMG_7270 IMG_8743 IMG_8780

All but two of these fish were caught on Friday.  Saturday morning three tournaments launched on the lake so we did more exploring than actual fishing.  These were all the males and probably averaged 3 lbs.  Gonna make sure to be there when the big girls wanna play….hopefully sooooon.  I honestly can not get over how hard these fish pull.  I usually fish a Sage SM Bass rod which is rated as a 8-9 wt.  It feels and fishes like a five weight but they treat that rod as if it were a 3 wt.  We took some video and I hope we can get it up.  I play a 3 lb fish that works me hard….real hard.  Love ‘em.

February 7, 2014


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Becker this afternoon…..wide open.

January 29, 2014

Crescent, Big, Lee Valley, White Mtn, Carnero

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Had a chance to help Kelly and crew from AZG&F test the lakes for water quality today.  Normally this time of year they have to snowmobile in but we drove in on dry roads.  Looks like we shouldn’t have to worry about any winter kill on these lakes this year unless something dramatic happens.   DO was good and all the lakes had a lot of clear ice which means probably good photosynthesis happening.  Ice was anywhere from 5″s to 8-9″ and in some places was slushy.  I think we found open water on every piece of water and a good sized patch in the middle of Big Lake.  Looks like an early ice off.  When we dropped the hydrolab in Carnero a fish actually swam by and hit the cord dropping down in the water.  Talked with a couple ice fishermen who were getting on Crescent.  They fished it last Thursday and took out a nice stringer of 18″rs…all rainbows…no brookies.  We even stopped by White Mtn Lake because it still held a good amount of water from last Summer’s Monsoon.  Water quality was good enough that fish would have held over.  May be another possibility next Spring if we can get some more water from much needed FUTURE snow……it will come….believe!!!

Took a few pics but an iced up lake is an iced up lake…..they all look the same.




First two are Crescent.  The last is Carnero.  Looks like an early season for 2014.

January 25, 2014

Apache again

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Hit Apache with Ron for a day of kick boating on Thursday.  Landed 2 and we lost 2.  We found them, just couldn’t get them to play.  Tougher bite than a couple weeks ago.  Next day I hit it with Brian in his boat and we got blown out….too much wind …no fish.  Typical bass.  Don’t know why I play this game sometimes


January 14, 2014

Apache Smallies

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Ron, Mel Mead and I hit Apache for the first time this season…and it was friendlier than the first trip last year.  We fished Monday and the next morning and ended up landing 7 between us.  Fish ate RL Ultra Foxy’s just like last year.  Most averaged 2 lbs with one that went almost 3….all healthy and fought very hard.

Here’s some pic’s

IMGP0590 IMGP0591 IMGP0593 IMGP0608 IMGP0605 IMGP0600 IMGP0602

Lake was 52-55 degrees and crystal clear as usual.  Seemed like the bite got better as the day went on.  May have had something to do with the full moon.  Gonna give it a try in a couple weeks to see if it’s any better.  We hit Burnt Corral first with limited success and went to Crabtree where the fish were a little more cooperative.  I was fishing a 35′ 385 gr sinktip.  The Sage bass rods handle it well but I could tell it was my first trip.  Chucking a sinktip that heavy all day can wear an old man out.  Guess I’ll have to do more of it to get back into shape….yes!!!


November 18, 2013

PA, NY Steelhead/Browns

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DSCF2050 DSCF2056 DSCF2060 DSCF2062 DSCF2065 DSCF2069 DSCF2072 DSCF2074Our annual trip back East is history….another great trip.  This year we had a group of 9 head back to play with the steelies of PA and the browns of NY.  Weather was bit colder, cloudier and windier this year.  The only day we had with mild winds was the morning we left…..isn’t that typical of steelhead fishing anyway???  Runs weren’t quite up to par in some of the streams but we found other streams that held fish and everyone caught at least one double digit fish.  Here are some pics with more to follow as guys get them to me.


IMG_0674 IMG_0122 IMG_4203(1) IMG_4374 IMG_4745 IMG_5313 IMG_6443(1) IMG_6925 IMG_7902 IMG_8665 IMG_9714