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February 15, 2017


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I had a WMLF meeting this weekend down in the valley.  Finally got to a point where I thought the knee would stand some kick boating.  DW and I hit Sag looking for some early bedders….not much going on there.  But we caught a few stripping Helmet Heads.  This was the only one worth a pic


The bite was pretty slow actually.  DW landed four smaller lmb’s ….all on chartreuse Helmet Heads.  The water is somewhat stained and will make for some difficult bed fishing unless it clears some.

January 23, 2017


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I have been laid up after knee surgery and haven’t been on the water for a couple weeks.  DW has been hitting Plez every weekend and still getting into them.  They move around a lot and the lake has risen about 8-10 ft he says but if you can find them, you can catch them.  This past Sunday he had to go back to find some clearer water and found some smallish stripers and a small lmb.


Last weekend he saved a few for a cookout.  A couple of these went to three lbs.  Didn’t hear how they fared.  They may not be big but it sure beats hobbling around the house on crutches…or watching tv.  He caught them all on the Helmet Heads , mostly in the yellow chartreuse color.


Can’t wait to get off these crutches.  I’m hearing some decent reports from Mohave also.  Smallie time is coming up and I WILL be ready.

January 9, 2017

Havasu 1/7-8

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Daryl and I hit Havasu Sat and Sun targeting mainly stripers but more than willing to play with any fish that wanted to eat our flies.  We started at the Bill Williams end launching at the Wildlife Refuge.  Water was up from last year and clear as I have ever seen it down there.  Water temp was around 51-52 with cloudy skies and mild chop on the water…..perfect day.  Except we didn’t find many shad and with stripers…it’s all about the shad.  We picked up a few fish in the 1.5 to 2 lb range and a stray 2 lb lmb but it was pretty uneventful.  We packed up after the morning and hit Site Six up at Lake Havasu City.  Two and three years ago that was the place to be.  Last year not so….at all.  We found more shad and caught more fish but again they were in the 2 lb range.  We actually caught some small 12″ stripers which I had never seen there before.  Bodes well for next year but we were there now.  Ended up with about 5 stripers and a couple lmb’s.  Next morning we hit the BW again and caught 5 between us in the 2 lb range.  We headed back up to Site Six and had some lunch.  I had to leave after eating to get back up here with my 5 hour drive ahead of me.  I called DW when I hit Flag and he was into them.  The birds (gulls, and diving birds) had found a big wad of shad and were diving on them.  This excites the stripers big time and he ended up with at least 12 with a couple in the 3 lb range.  All the fish were caught on Helmet Heads in either shad or a yellow chartreuse that DW had made up.  Not an epic trip but a nice start to the bass season.  Mohave is in the mix in the future…waiting on reports

January 1, 2017

Pleasant stripers

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I went down this past Sat and fished Pleasant with Daryl.  Apache had slowed considerably and DW doesn’t stay home on the weekends….so he hit Plez and has been doing really well on the stripers.  Nothing of any size, but their fight is right up there with any other freshwater fish I’ve ever caught.  I fished a new Orvis recon 10 wt (their bass rod) and those fish had it folded in half.  We stayed in Castle Creek and landed an easy 3 dozen between us.  Nothing over 2.5 lbs… no pic’s.  Looks like ….if the weather holds….we’ll hit Mohave next week.  Bigger stripers and some good smallies.  I’ve keep you posted.

November 30, 2016


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Daryl came up for Turkey Day.  Friday we hit Becker on a beautiful clear, calm day.  Water temps were 45 and we had the lake to ourselves.  DW pulled out his bass gear….a 335 grain head on a 7 wt, fishing a 3″ simi seal bugger he ties up to imitate crayfish for bass???? I rigged up my intermediate with a mega simi seal leech.  I think he landed 6 before I was able to switch out to a type 5 sinking line and bummed one of his big buggers.  They were very aggressive, looking for something big to munch on before the ice hit.  You could actively see them in the shallows cruising like sharks at times.  We must have landed 35-40 between us (once I got in the game).  It was my kind of fishing…strip fast and hang on.


Most of them were in great shape and fought very hard.  We actually landed a few that looked as though they were spawned out.  Maybe the very last remnants of the diploid fish????  A couple went 20″s but most were in that 17″-18″ slot


The lake is crystal clear now and has a ways to go before icing up.  Go hit it while it’s still fishable.  Bring a fast sinker and some big buggers and hang on.


November 15, 2016

PA/NY 11/16

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Back from our annual back east trip for steelies and browns.  This year the water flows were exceptionally low and most of the waters we normally hit didn’t hold many fish so we did most of our catching on one small no name creek in NY.


Daryl and Brian hit New York a couple days before Tim and I did.  They fished the Niagara for a day and Brian got a few lakers to play center pinning.


We all tried to find steel in Eastern PA and Western NY but the lack of water in the system just didn’t bring the fish up from the lakes yet.  DW and Brian headed back to NY and found players in the small creek.  Tim and I kept trying to find fish in PA and Tim did.  I was good for netting and taking pic’s.


One of Tim’s friends had his son Nate up and he landed a nice steelie


By far the most fish caught were in NY.  There weren’t quite as many fish this season but they were bigger.  Here’s some of the pic’s



Jason from NY caught a nice brown


Clearly Tim and I should have spent more time in NY but that’s fishing.  Another great successful trip.




October 26, 2016

Apache 10/26

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I got an invite from Kevin Krai, one of my old business partners from AZFF, to fish Apache this morning with him and his wife, Kris.  As you can see we started out small and worked our way up.  Whoever said smallies weren’t aggressive???  I actually had another one that size eat my fly as well.  We switched to the old standby’s and caught a few on the Helmet Heads again.


It was a nice few hours this morning and really nice to fish with Kevin and Kris again.  It wasn’t epic but we banged a few and missed a lot more.  I think the bite is changing.  The fish seemed to have moved, maybe getting more into a Winter bite.  One thing for sure….they eat that fly really well.

Kevin is now running the fly dep’t at the new Orvis store down at Town and Country Mall on 20th and Camelback.  Go look him up, he’ll square you away.  The grand opening is Nov 5.  Come on down and say hi.  I’ll be tying flies and chatting about the WMLF along with a couple other members.  Good time to sign up and maybe get some free flies.

October 17, 2016

Big, Horseshoe

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Daryl came up for the weekend.  We hit Reservation early Sat morning looking for cruisers.  Didn’t see much and was surprised at all the people.  We headed to Big Lake.  Big has been pretty much the most dependable water up here this season and it turned out to be the right move again.  DW was stripping his shellback Callibaetis and I was dangling a midge under a bobber.  Both techniques produced fish.


We hit South Cove this time and the fish seemed to average a bit bigger and surprisingly less crowded than Railroad.  Next day we hit Horseshoe…again looking for cruisers.  We didn’t find much there either.  Friend, Ren Wilson has been hitting it pretty hard the past couple weeks and finding more players than we did.  He was there along with another buddy and they picked up some decent fish.


DW picked up a 3 lbr stripping a small Helmet Head and a couple small rainbows.  Finally got a pic.


It’s still too warm up here.  54 at my place this morning.  Supposed to start cooling down later this week.  When that happens and the water gets down into the 40’s the bite should really turn on.  I’ll try and do a better job posting.  Been fishing, just not taking any pics.  The annual steelhead/brown trout trip is coming up in a few weeks so I’ll have some time to try and get into some good fish before then.  Usually after that trip….it’s back to bass full time.


September 29, 2016

Apache 9/25

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Daryl and I hit Apache Sunday.  It took us awhile to find some players but once we did they were all over the shad Helmet Heads again.  We must have landed 20-25 smallies and lmb’s.  Most of them 2 to 3 lbs that fought really well.  We both found a 5 lbr each so that was a nice bonus.  Man, do they pull.


Sure been fun.  It’s getting cool up here so I’m sure the trout are gonna start happening soon.  I’m gonna miss the bass pull.

September 12, 2016


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Had a WMLF meeting this weekend in the valley.  Decided to stay an extra night and hit Apache with Daryl the next day.  Fishing wasn’t as non stop as with him and Ron but when they got going there were plenty of good fish to catch….both lmb’s and smallmouth.  They ate the same flies as before…Helmet Heads in shad colors about 3″s long.  Funny thing happened this time.  I lost one of the eyes on my shad and the fish would not touch it.  I put another fly on and they were on it again.  I see that on DHS’s but this is the first time it happened with these flies….always something to learn.

Here’s a couple pic’s