I believe Dog Days are waning...probably one of the shortest Dog Day seasons I can remember.  I can't say fishing is awesome right now but it definitely is improving from the past 5-6 weeks.  Big Lake waters have cleared up considerably.  Temps are around 60 and the cutt's are cooperating...maybe not jumping on your bare hook but at least eating some.  Pacheta has plenty of water and a lot more water coming in.  It's fairly clear by Pacheta standards.  Reservation is clear...lots of water going over the cruisers yet.  Carnero has filled...thanks to the renovation work of the rancher (and a cooperative Monsoon) along with help from the WMFFC and WMLF.  You can access the lake from the old ramp now.  Becker is producing good numbers of nice rainbows...mainly under an indicator.  Heard rumors of big fish coming out of Sunrise again.  The West Fork of the Black has more water in it this Fall than I can ever remember.

Gonna be a great Fall.  There are big fish in all the lakes.  Go fishing!!!!

See ya on the water

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