Winter 2016

2016 is here with a bang.  It's early January and I have already seen twice as much snow this Winter than my first two combined.  It's been cold, not supposed to get out of the twenty's today.  When it finally starts melting it eventually will end up down where it should our fishing waters.  Spring 2016 looks very promising as far as water concerns go. 

This is a good time to restock boxes with old favorites or tie up that new pattern you've been thinking about, maybe do some small stream fishing after some continuous sunny days.  Silver Creek is always an option and the urban lakes provide some action as well.  Or you could do as I do....and enjoy our local warmwater lakes.  The smallmouth are always willing even in the cold.  LMB's are a bit hard to get into with fly rods right now but the stripers at Pleasant and Havasu are more than willing to give you a good tug.

There's always something to do fishing wise.  You DON'T need to put that rod away for the next few months

Whatever you decide to do, have a great Winter and get yourself ready for won't be long.

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