Dog Days

Fishing's a bit slow up here now.  Dog Days have hit early this year, probably because of the low water levels in most of the lakes.  Good news is the Monsoon is still active and adding moisture almost every day. All the lakes have good holdovers and if they make it through the Summer we should have some good Fall/Winter fishing.  

Good time to try that new pattern or new technique you've been thinking about.  If you can get the fish to eat may have a winner.  These are the times when you can really learn about fish.  What's it gonna take to get them to open their mouth???

For you streamer guys/gals, check out my new AZ Crystal Minnow Hair.  It is AZ Minnow Hair with a clear transparent mylar added for more realism and transparency.  I've also added 6 new fish catching colors.  It's by far the best freshwater streamer material I have come up with yet.

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